What’s in a Name?

January 14, 2011 at 9:32 pm (By Randy)

Wondering if our resident copy editor has any reaction to the news that Reince Priebus has been elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The reaction of those in the news industry is probably best summed up here:


  1. amba (Annie Gottlieb) said,

    If you know German you’ll pronounce it right — though it doesn’t sound like a German name.

  2. Randy said,

    *LOL* I don’t know German, so I won’t pronounce it right! In this day of the computer, it won’t be that hard to update spellcheck to include it, but I did laugh at the idea of proof readers muttering, “Just what I need.”

  3. david said,

    To me, it looks like a desperate anagram for “Re: Penis: Rub Ice.”

  4. Peter Hoh said,

    First name rhymes with “pints,” I’m guessing.

    Speaking of Homer Simpson, does Priebus rhyme with “Jeebus”?

  5. karen said,

    Good riddance Steele.

    Lather. Reince. Repeat.

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