There Are Two Kinds of People in the World . . .

January 3, 2011 at 5:16 pm (By Amba)

. . . those who think there are two kinds of people in the world, and those who don’t.


  1. PatHMV said,

    Unfortunately, Avalon’s latest effort, the “No Labels” project, itself offers nothing so far but attacks on others. I don’t think that’s a solid basis for a renewed centrist movement of any sort. What policies do they think are the answer? Where does the group stand on abortion? Gay marriage? The federal deficit? Tax cuts? Spending cuts? Spending increases? The war in Afghanistan? The war in Iraq?

    I’m all for toning down rhetoric and trying to work together to find solutions that everybody can agree on. But the harsh rhetoric exists in part because there are real, fundamental differences of opinion, among serious people, over real, fundamentally difficult problems. This “No Labels” project seems to want to pretend that those fundamental differences just don’t exist and are a result only of the Olbermanns and O’Reillys of the world. (Plus, he’s quite wrong to lump Limbaugh into that category; Limbaugh is much sharper than either O’Reilly or Olbermann, and is much more subtle than his most vocal critics recognize.)

    Avalon is demanding an end to name-calling by calling people names.

  2. Christopher Diamant said,

    Dear Annie;

    If you could tell me who to contact at Simon and Schuster about the permisssions for the parts I need to use from your book “So You Believe in Magic?” I would be very appreciative; I think of you as the living and inspired conscience of My Generation and was given the literary means by which the tangled web that has covered the mystery of what really happened to the Children of the Resurrection nee “60’s” is to come abroad and become known; along with a lot of other things in the final denouement which my publisher Paul Cohen at Monkfish has said of my book that it “finishes the Bible”; which of course; it does.

    Amongst other things…….

  3. Christopher Diamant said,

    Oops; I meant; “Do You Believe in Magic?”

  4. amba12 said,

    The book is out of print and rights reverted to me.

  5. Spud said,

    Hi Amba, thanks for the post on Limbaugh. I couldn’t agree more with with John Avalon saying “He (Rush) doesn’t believe that Americans—especially independent voters—can consider themselves fiscally conservative but socially liberal. You either walk in lockstep as a social conservative and fiscal conservative or you are a ‘hard-core liberal’ I’ve always said Rush has done more than anyone to make “liberal” a dirty word. He thinks conservatism is to be proud of and liberalism is to be ashamed of. His bottom line message of his daily talk show is liberals hate God and country. And to think that no republican dares to cross him. Pitiful!!

  6. christopher witt diamant said,


    all rights; but then you can give me permission directly?

  7. christopher witt diamant said,

    I need your material; your insights are exactly the context I need to explain Emmett Grogan as the angel he actually was since he did not exist in the typical sense of the word; his real name was Kelly; Emmett Graogan was created: but the strange thinge thing is he actually represented the “good thief” who went to Paradise with Christ; and became the one we called much later the mythical person “Robin Hood”; whose chaste relationship with Maid Marian was how Guinevere was restored from her falling in love with Lancelot; as she died a virgin in his arms; they never knew each other physically; which few know of; as Guinevere never physically knew Lancelot; but since it was done in her imagination it was considered the same as if she had done it in actuality.

    The problem is that lancelot never touched Guinevere; all the knights of the Round Table had to spend a night naked in her arms to pass the test known as “drutz” which was the final test; Arthur married her but did not consumate his marriage with her until she had tested all the knights who became those who sat at the Roundtable; which none know of except the initiates of the Grail: like myself.

    What is the Grail?

    It is perfection….

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