Circle of a Life

November 23, 2010 at 10:09 pm (By Amba)

(Look above the accordion)

Jacques and Omar, who saved his life in Russia

Warmest thanks to Chris Davis for scanning most of these photos.


  1. david said,

    A whole lifetime — most of a century — in a few frames . . .

    The cameras get smaller, he gets larger, the images get clearer . . .

    And he gets free, at last.

  2. Robyn said,

    This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding.


  3. Alison said,

    Oh, Annie. I’m so sorry.

    What great themes in the photos you’ve chosen: cats, kids, music, friends, laughter …

    I’m saying prayers for all who knew and loved him – especially you.

  4. Janice Cenci said,

    Annie – I’m so sorry. The photos are wonderful.

  5. PatHMV said,

    Annie, thank you for sharing these.

  6. Toby Towson said,

    Jacques Sandulescu
    friend, mentor, rock, cat lover,
    Thanks for everything.

  7. Wendy Hilliard said,

    A beautiful Man and a beautiful Life

    A wonderful gift to the world

    Thank you Jaques

  8. Danny said,

    These photos are incredible, I hope you’ll post more.

  9. amba12 said,

    If Chris is willing to scan more, I will post more.

  10. alexandra said,

    dear annie…mom and i just looked at these wonderful photos of jacques…we send you our love and best warm thoughts…a

  11. Art Kaney said,

    Thank you so much for the shelter…I’ll never forget you.Never.

  12. rawartistsmontreal said,

    Reblogged this on rawartistsmontreal and commented:
    Such a powerful man, with a powerful woman alongside him… Osu!

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