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November 15, 2010 at 3:55 pm (By Randy)


  1. Maxwell James said,

    My wife has been through the pat-down on two round trips now, without me, which is a good thing because I probably would have gotten myself arrested. This is a political freight train in the making.

  2. Randy said,

    At the rate we’re going, TSA agents might as well perform breast and/or prostate cancer screening while they’re at it.

  3. wj said,

    I think it would be a fine thing if the entire management of TSA, top to bottom, would post their full body scans on the web. Just to demonstrate how harmless they personally think it is.

    Probably ought to require it of every member of Congress, too.

  4. Icepick said,

    wj, they ought to have to go through the scanners every day just as they expect the pilots, flight attendents, et al to do. Plus they ought to be subjected to a full pat down every day as well from a randomly selected member of the public picked off the street.

  5. Icepick said,

    The worst of it is that once you’re at the security area you can’t actually leave without facing major penalties. The “If you touch my junk” Guy is now being investigated by the federal government and faces an $11,000 fine. (I assume he’s already been added to the No-Fly list.)

    The rational for fining people that leave the area (for the unsecured public areas) before completing the screening is air-tight.

    According to Aguilar, Tyner is under investigation for leaving the security area without permission. That’s prohibited, among other reasons, to prevent potential terrorists from entering security, gaining information, and leaving.

    Yeah, like terrorists won’t be willing to spend $11,000 to crack the security set-up. You know, the one that the TSA has been widely publicizing and that various groups and individual are complaining about in detail. Out-fucking-standing!

  6. chickelit said,

    “I think it would be a fine thing if the entire management of TSA, top to bottom, would post their full body scans on the web.”

    Vedi Napolitano e poi muori

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