Come One, Come All!

October 10, 2010 at 11:32 am (By Amba)

Anyone who wants to witness the comical spectacle of “Ruth”Mary practicing medicine remotely, without a license, and send her your good wishes, hurry up and take a look at her comments on my last few posts before I delete them and send her to back to Spamville.

. . . Oh, never mind.  ZZZAP

I will just leave my obituary for her here for the record:

You’re easy to figure out, because of the palpable vicious vibe you give off beneath appearances, and because of the incredible ignorance from which you assume and pontificate. Many things that *you’ve never heard of* can and do happen. You know absolutely nothing about us, or about the progression of Lewy body dementia and what kinds of things kill its sufferers, or about the impact shingles can have on a vulnerable older person, or for that matter about the positive vs. negative influences of pets. You are worm-eaten by envy and trying to figure out how to destroy people you believe have been more fortunate than you. Get a life. I will delete your comments, but only after leaving them on display here for all to see.


  1. wj said,


    And probably not before-time.

  2. realpc said,

    I would have kinda liked to see them. Ruthless went after me in my post too. Satan in saint’s clothing.

  3. amba12 said,

    Excellent description! They’re probably still in my e-mail trash. Basically, the theme was, let’s see, 1) Jacques is too fat to die, 2) He’s partially faking dementia, 3) You guys are sponging freeloaders who don’t belong in hospice, 3) You’re killing him with your unsanitary cats, 4) You’re killing him with morphine (tiny doses for pain relief, I’m probably giving too little), let’s see, what else? Can’t remember, but more in the same vein. Oh, 5) Nobody ever died of dementia or shingles (that she’s heard of).

    I already was pretty sure she was Mary back when she was harping on your post. Something in her tone of voice gives me a signature feeling of disgust, alarm, and nausea. M. Scott Peck said evil is a mental illness.

  4. realpc said,

    i don’t know who Mary is. I am not so sure M. Scott Peck said it’s an illness, because he admitted that demonic possession can be involved. In my opinion, it’s always involved. But my point is that we can call anything an illness and then it becomes an excuse. There is no excuse for being evil.

    And Ruth’s brand of evil is fascinating because it is so ingenious. Portray yourself as utterly self-sacrificing and infinitely loving, and then go about your work of torturing everyone.

    Scott said that evil people actually see themselves as wonderfully kind and loving. Their problem is they cannot accept their shadow at all and constantly work at keeping it out of consciousness. That sounds reasonable to me, I guess.

    So it’s possible that Ruth is totally unaware of her obvious cruelty and sincerely believes in her goodness. The old saying is the worst fault is not being conscious of any.

    Well anyhow, don’t give Ruth the excuse of mental illness. It’s like when a murderer tries to plead insanity. Well of course anyone who kills for no reason is insane, but it is possible to be insane and evil at the same time.

  5. amba12 said,

    Mary is a longtime troll who was a law student and stalker of Althouse, and went on from there. Same person; she even admitted it in one of those deleted messages.

  6. realpc said,

    What was Mary’s goal? Just have fun making people feel bad?

  7. Donna B. said,

    OH…. that explains a LOT. I remember her from Althouse. Evil and Insane. Yes.

  8. amba12 said,

    As I said in my “obituary,” to me she seemed envy driven. She wanted to find a way to hurt people she felt had had it better or easier than she had (again, without knowing anything about their actual lives and circumstances). She has wished people dead, attacked their parenting, and so on.

  9. PatHMV said,

    Yes, Mary is a very disturbed individual. It’s very sad to watch, really, seeing all that bitterness and bile concentrated so greatly in one person. Everybody is better off when her comments are just deleted or blocked. Fortunately, the only people I know that she’s targeted are very strong individuals, not prone to self-doubt. If she ever targeted her insanity on a weaker-willed person, she could do some real harm to somebody.

  10. realpc said,

    ” the only people I know that she’s targeted are very strong individuals, not prone to self-doubt. ”

    No, she targeted me in my post “The Right Thing.” I am very prone to self-doubt regarding how much I should do for my mother. I didn’t know then that Ruth/Mary is evil and insane, and she came across as extremely self-righteous and self-sacrificing. She told me I should not only devote all my time to my mother, I should also be helping friends with their mothers. Satan disguised as a saint. She probably gave me at least a couple of very bad days.

  11. PatHMV said,

    I sadly stand corrected, then, real. Sorry you had to go through that. It’s a terrible thing she does to people.

  12. Danny said,

    What kind of extreme and dangerous narcissism would cause someone to hack away at people in the most difficult periods of their lives just looking to inflict pain? God, what a miserable life she must have (mostly spent on the computer, no doubt) and you’re right to delete those comments. Of course she’s probably thrilled that her venom produced a whole post. Be gone, dybbuk! Ptoo, ptoo, ptoo.

    Much love to you and Jacques.

  13. realpc said,

    Why is Ruth/Mary envious? Does she have a hard life?

  14. Randy said,

    The less said about this person the better.

  15. realpc said,

    “The less said about this person the better.”

    That makes me even more curious.

  16. Theo.Boehm said,

    The ravings of the undoubted mad do not bother me, except as I am reminded of the darkness of the human condition. In the past, Mary would have been regarded as possessed by demons, which may be the deepest and most adequate explanation. Is bad brain chemistry the cause or an effect? Our materialist, reductionist science frequently confuses these, lacking, as it generally does, a robust metaphysics. But I’ll leave that line of reasoning to realpc, who has many more developed ideas about such things than I do.

    What bothers me most is that the putatively sane Ann Althouse has a regular commenter who is preened and petted, yet remains almost as foul as Mary. This person, whom many of you no doubt know, seems to be preferred because he is a virtuoso of vituperation, but with enough leaven of New York rancor to be mistaken for wit.

    In the end, I suppose it is fitting to judge people by the pain they cause–Karma, if you will. It is hard to know why people readily inflict hurt upon others. But they do, and the internet has given them a broad field in which to hide, cavort with their devils, and to waylay unsuspecting passersby. To discover there are so many lunatics in this disembodied realm is a hard piece of knowledge. For one’s own protection, however, it is important to categorically avoid or ignore such people—together with those who encourage or feed off them.

  17. realpc said,

    The joy of inflicting pain on others might be part of our basic survival instincts. When you are hunting or fighting, any aversion to causing pain must be turned off. I heard this psychological theory somewhere and it made sense to me. A cat playing with a mouse is not concerned about how the mouse feels. And the cat is having fun.

    We are animals, even though most of us don’t hunt or fight anymore. We cause pain with words. So I don’t think a person has to necessarily be insane or evil to be a trouble-maker. In addition, trouble-makers get attention. We know that children would rather get negative attention than none at all, and this can also be true of adults.

    I am always skeptical about the label “evil.” Not because I don’t think evil is real, but because I think we are all evil, in different ways to different degrees.

    But I can see why Mary is especially hated, from the limited examples I saw. When she advised Amba to get rid of her cats, “even though I know it would kill you,” well that was one of the most evil statements I have ever seen. Hiding behind concern for J.

    So I don’t doubt that Mary is truly evil. But that sort of indirect nastiness is everywhere if you care to look. Usually it comes from people who are oh so sweet on the surface. As soon as they notice someone in distress, they zero in like a buzzard.

  18. amba12 said,

    I probably wouldn’t have labeled Mary “evil” until I saw her actually wish someone (she didn’t know) dead, and try to invade and undermine people’s way of caring for their children. These were strangers to her, and yet she tried with a weird near-miss combination of ignorance and intuition — getting the wrong stuff right? or the right stuff wrong? — to insert doubt, blame, and shame into their most intimate lives. They were vulnerable to her because of the way we let bits of our private lives be seen in that public place that is the Internet, feeling as if we’re only revealing them to our trusted friends.

    Because I watched Mary do that to others, I knew her M.O. and wasn’t surprised or off guard when she started practicing it on me. I consider J and me pretty tough and invulnerable (what do we care?) compared to young families. I saw her try stuff on others that I will never forgive. Her potshots at us are trivial.

  19. Theo Boehm said,

    I completely agree.

    Like you, Mary doesn’t bother me, because she posts the ravings of a madwoman—but a madwoman with a remarkable instinct for the jugular. I believe I saw the same things you did—quickly deleted from Althouse—but not before I was horrified at how Mary managed to twist the knife in someone’s most vulnerable spot in a display as foul as I have ever seen on the internet. And I’ve been online since pre-internet days over 20 years ago, and pride myself on being a connoisseur of every species of bad behavior imaginable.

    Some of us, particularly the young who have grown up with social media, are toughened and understand the limits of online life. Some of the young, not hardened enough and with the vulnerability of youth, end up hanging themselves. But young or old, time spent on the internet is a good introduction to Original Sin, or Karma, or however you might express the native knowledge that something isn’t right with us killer apes.

    One of the attractions of social media is that of Innocence—the possibility to freely share with others our thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a new way, rid of ancient limits, and empowered by a totally new means of expression.

    Experience, however, lays its gnarled hand on our shoulders, and says, “Not so fast. You are never free from the constraint of having to express yourself well. You are never free from the ill-will so deeply entwined in our nature. You are never free from the need to be discreet and protect yourself in every encounter with other, always flawed, human beings.”

    So, there you have it. If someone is seeking transcendence through more perfect communication, they might as well seek it through God, because they’ll never find it in this fallen world, no matter how many disembodied “friends” they think they have, or how much of a magnum opus they imagine they’ve created on the back of a glowing piece of plastic.

  20. amba12 said,

    Amen, brother. Well said, well said.

  21. amba12 said,

    One elaboration: Mary’s instinct is not for the jugular, it’s for a spot right next to the jugular. What she tries to do is trick people into coming out and saying, “It’s not like that! It’s like this!” Or, “Here’s the jugular, you idiot!” She simultaneously cuts close and gets things so completely wrong that she could almost, but not quite, lure people out into protesting, explaining themselves, setting her straight. But she finally gets that wrong, too.

  22. amba12 said,

    You’re making me realize that the Internet is another iteration of the endless, Rousseauian hope to find heaven on earth, to “get back to the garden.” One by one they all fail.

  23. realpc said,

    [You’re making me realize that the Internet is another iteration of the endless, Rousseauian hope to find heaven on earth, to “get back to the garden.” One by one they all fail.]

    People are just looking for tribes to join. But the tremendous diversity makes it confusing and overwhelming. Also, we have no real concept of evil anymore, so we’re surprised when we see it. Tribal people were always watching out for evil, and performing rituals and incantations to ward it off.

  24. realpc said,

    “something isn’t right with us killer apes.”

    No, the problem isn’t that we’re killers. Killing is natural, and not generally evil. The problem is that we expect something different from what this universe offers. We’re clever and we have technology that lets us try to make things better. And every time we interfere unexpected craziness results.

    Original sin comes from existing in Flatland, not from killing or violence (or sex). We got sidetracked into thinking there is something wrong with violence, when this is a violent reality we live in. Atoms bang into each other and it has to be that way, because otherwise it would all collapse.

    Evil is a necessary part of the world. We like to think it can be located in specific individuals or groups and, hopefully, stamped out. But it can’t, because you would have to stamp out all of reality.

    Recently I heard that the word “evil” originally meant “off the mark,” and that is how I think of it. Evil is error, and errors just have to happen in a creative evolving universe.

  25. amba12 said,

    Evil is more than error; it’s taking pleasure in harm.

  26. amba12 said,

    In other words, a tsunami isn’t evil, a sexual murderer or genocidal dictator is.

    (Irony: the genocidal dictator thinks he is destroying evil.)

    And some of our natural impulses are evil — to beat or smother a screaming baby, for instance. That isn’t exactly taking pleasure in harm, it’s harming to stop displeasure. It’s solipsism, forgetting that we’re not the only sentient being in the world. Sociopathy. We all have more or less sociopathy in us. Sociopaths don’t know it’s wrong.

  27. realpc said,

    I don’t agree Amba. Don’t really have time. But I do think evil is error, being off center, going too far. I said in another comment that taking pleasure in causing pain is, or could be, a natural instinct, like a cat playing with a mouse. We have gone empathy crazy — feeling too sorry for your enemies or your prey would prevent you from surviving.

    Yes there are “bad” people, whose instincts are out of balance, off the mark. Look at little boys playing war — are they evil? Of course not!

    We have become extremely feminized. We can afford to be wimps, because we have massive technology to protect us, at least for a while.

    I personally have no interest in violence and like most modern women I have too much compassion for my own good. But at least I can see that my reality is not the ultimate reality.

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