Party Hearty

September 17, 2010 at 7:51 pm (By Amba)

Rebecca, a former actress turned energy healer, has been our friend for 30 years.  Visiting from Arizona after being out of touch for some years, she gave us energy treatments, cooked and filled our freezer with food.  She says we fed her for 10 years in New York, and now it’s her turn.  Rarely have we felt so cherished, or shall I say pampered?


  1. Donna B. said,

    That spread, especially the bread, looks scrumptious. And you and J look like you are really enjoying yourselves. Lovely!

  2. A said,


  3. Peter Hoh said,

    Man cannot live by bread alone.

    We also need stuff to smear on bread. And stuff to eat along with bread.

    Most essential? Good people with whom we can share bread.

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