The Survivors Club

August 25, 2010 at 3:34 pm (By Amba)

Jacques and Charlie Miller have been through more between the two of them than all the rest of us put together.  Charlie was fascinated by Jacques and gave him the first smile of the visit.

For a better view of Charlie:

They’re both miracles — Jacques who survived gangrene and boxed and did road work on his scarred legs; Charlie who came through brain bleeds and intestinal resection and just being born one and a quarter pounds, and claps his hands, stands on his feet with a little help from his friend above, laughs and says “Da-da” and “Ca” — cat — not known before today to be in his vocabulary.

For more and better pictures, watch Danny’s blog in the days to come.  Danny and Kendall went out of their way from Chicago to see old friends in Durham, and Danny and Charlie came out of their way from Durham to see us.

Oh, I feel blessed.


  1. chickelit said,


    My son’s first word was “buh” by which he meant bus. He used to look out from a picture window onto a busy street below when we lived in San Diego.

    Are those bookshelves in the first photo set into the wall?

  2. Ron said,

    Such wonderful pics of everyone! I’d be honored if Charlie came through here….and I’d blog that too!

  3. amba12 said,

    Chicken, the bookcases are built out from the wall, but the bedroom door is open in front of part of them, which makes them look recessed ’cause you can’t see the right side. They are a lot like the bookcases in our previous apartment, though not as well made.

    Ron: I hope you get to lead the grand tour.

  4. Melinda said,

    So cool that they stopped over to see you! Charlie’s getting to be quite the handsome young man, with those big blue eyes.

  5. A said,

    How great to see you all together, survivors indeed!

  6. Maxwell James said,

    Aw, that’s great.

  7. Ruth Anne said,

    So good to see an answered prayer!

  8. amba12 said,

    Now imagine touching one!

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