Sunday in the Park with Jacques

June 7, 2010 at 2:13 am (By Amba)

(Actually, right here in the apartment complex.  Pretty, innit?)


  1. Ron said,

    I really love the last smiling pic…if you could shrink it and put it at the top of the page that would be cool….

  2. david said,

    Yeah… He’s still got that killer smile.

  3. margaret said,

    Who loves you baby????? You looook fabbulous! hugs for you from the both of us….Margie and Warren

  4. dalma said,

    A PICNIC? Jacques, next think we know, you’ll be playing TENNIS! Yeah, you, out there on the courts, playing (as you’ve put it) “Freakin’ Tennis”–and, worse,” in CONNECTICUT.” (Note: You didn’t say “Freakin'” and you always ponounced the second C in “Connecticut. “)
    Who loves you, Baby?
    I do.

  5. Ruth Anne said,

    Love it all…his smile, your sinewy strength, collegiality…all of it.

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