Refreshing Honesty

May 14, 2010 at 10:14 am (By Randy)

More of this, please!


  1. El Pollo Real said,

    I first heard about Christie at the state level via reader _iam. This video proves even more how in tune he is with the present national mood.

  2. amba12 said,

    GOD, I LOVE THIS GUY . . . Water in the desert!!!!

  3. reader_iam said,

    Yeah, but the optics of this clip–that guy over Chris’ right shoulder, to the left of the screen in viewing terms–are awful. This demonstrates a weakness–and perhaps a blind spot–of Chris’s and/or his organization. It’s not the first example. I could give another example from almost 20 years ago, w/r/t to how he chose to express something in a newspaper clip, in New Jersey.

    Make no mistake: I’m a supporter. Yet I also want to see how he proceeds and how it turns out. “Let no wine be served its time.”

    Most important, I think mistimed adoration is a terribly, terribly destructive thing.

    Finally, I emphatically object to the spins already sent in motion. For one example, I don’t think it’s completely obvious that the point of Chris’s confrontation–much less argument–was for **partisanship**, as it’s currently being defined–you’re either this or that, or you’re the devil. For those on the right–or the left, but in this case, I’m responding mostly to reactions from the right–to say, or at least imply, this clip is about hard lines between parties or political stances, much less advocating–much less validating–those hard lines is a complete stretch. He’s taking on a particular member of the press, to be sure. He’s also taking on the press in the sense of “herd mentality,” also to be sure. That does NOT automatically mean he’s buying into something else. For those people who are attempting to to spin otherwise–and, make no mistake, I’m not referring to the posters here!–shame on you.

    Also, infatuation is of limited use. Any adult ought know that. True, it can be a neutral. But more often, it leads to fizzle and disillusionment–and frequently, the seeds of that are contained in the fact and realities of infatuation itself. For those who actually think Chris has potential (faults and all), get over it.

    Scratch that; instead, I say: KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. reader_iam said,

    Annie, if I could delete my post and repost it to correct for editing reasons, I would. Since I can’t, I’d at least like this correction to be made:

    “Let no wine be served its time.”

    should be

    “Let no wine be served before its time.”

  5. Randy said,

    I had doubts about posting this as the title was about the politics involved, which interested me less than Christie’s straightforward phrasing. As you say, the optics weren’t great, thanks to the apparent suck-up/yes-man in the background. Still. I’d like to see more like this. What he said wasn’t devastating because it was a fine example exaggeration or political rhetoric, but because it was so simply stated and yet accurate.

  6. reader_iam said,

    Randy, I’m glad you posted this! It gave me a chance to say what I had to say. (Also, please note this bit in my comment: and, make no mistake, I’m not referring to the posters here!) Believe it or not, i believe in plainly stated, too.

  7. reader_iam said,

    Yikes! Meanwhile, it seems this video’s dispersion is being circumscribed. For example, if you click on the link in Randy’s post her at Ambiance, you now get this notice: “This video is no longer available to a copyright claim by the Star-Ledger.” This is true at various places.


    However, so far, at least, it seems that one can still view it here. Am I right to guess that the copyright claim has been resolved there ?

  8. reader_iam said,

    It just goes to show.

  9. Randy said,

    Answer to your last question: I doubt it – just haven’t filed a claim with the right person overseeing that hosting site. I’m surprised that a print publication is claiming copyright to that video. As to what/who you were referring to: understood. Understand. Agree.

  10. pathmv said,

    Talk is cheap. I like the clip, it’s fun, it puts the reporter in his place, all that’s good. But I’ve seen a million “straight talkers.” Remember John McCain’s Straight Talk Express? I know almost nothing about Christie, but my impression of watching that clip, the combination of his phrasing and the reaction of the staff member behind him, is that he’s an autocrat when it comes to running his office. Many of the most “popular” governors at this point are. They try to micromanage the entire state, rather than appoint good people and then get out of their way. This tends to lead to EVERY decision being made across state government being politicized. Truly strong CEOs of any organization find strong, competent, independent leaders and appoint them to key positions, and then stay out of their way, focusing on the bigger strategic issues rather than the minutiae. But that’s a very difficult quality to find in politicians today.

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