Cows Coming Home

May 5, 2010 at 10:30 pm (By Randy)

I thought the far-flung friends of once-frequent commenter Karen might like to know that I spoke with Karen late last week and that she reports all is well with her. The family is just about completely resettled back in their home, which they returned to a few months ago after deciding not to exercise the option to purchase the bigger farm they’d been leasing. As one of the consequences of returning to their old place is the loss of a regular internet connection, Karen says it is unlikely that she will be returning any time soon and sends her regards to one and all.

Although a heavy snow was falling during our conversation, Karen said spring was in the air and that their cows will soon be back in the pasture. (Karen also asked me to remind everyone to support small family farmers by buying organic milk!)


  1. reader_iam said,

    Annie, thanks for sharing this. Though I realize that a clear corollary of part of what you shared with us about Karen’s situation is that she won’t see this comment, I still want to say that I’m so glad to hear she and her family are OK, and that I’ve missed her, and–above all–I wish her well.

  2. reader_iam said,

    Sorry, Randy! I see that my thanks ought to have been directed to you!–and so I do redirect it.


  3. Melinda said,

    Thanks for the update, Randy! Our best wishes are with Karen until the cows come home.

  4. PatHMV said,

    Thanks for the update, Randy! Tell Karen I only buy milk and butter from our local dairy producer, Kleinpeter Farms, which refuses to use rGHB growth hormones. Don’t know if it’s technically “organic,” but it’s certainly from small, local farmers.

  5. Maxwell said,

    Word to Karen. Like Pat, I buy most of my milk & dairy from local sources. But when I don’t get those, I almost always get Organic Valley, which I believe is her co-op.

  6. amba12 said,

    I miss her. Randy, if you speak to her again, give her my love and tell her I’m so happy she’s home.

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