2nd and 3rd-Generation Friends

May 5, 2010 at 6:43 pm (By Amba)

It’s so cool when that happens.

Ralph’s father Warren operated on Jacques in 1975, and we became fast friends with the family.  Ralph was Ben’s age then.

Robyn built and Ralph hosts Jacques’ website, donbas.com.

Robyn is Vampandora on Twitter.  Ralph works for a company that tries not to be evil.  They are serious foodies (don’t just make their own beer but grow their own hops) and have a website called foodporn.com that is to drool for.

We were at their wedding on a cliff overlooking the Pacific in 1999.  Jacques doesn’t like heights, and was wobbly from his second knee replacement and probably the beginnings of his present troubles, but by God he got out there.

Ralph’s mother Margie visited us here 3 years ago, and when I get to Chicago in the summer I always visit them.  But the last time we saw Ralph and Robyn was in New York in late 2003.  Ben became a twinkle in someone’s eye about a month later.  We met him today for the first time:  our 3rd-generation friend.

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  1. Maxwell said,

    That’s a charming story.

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