Public Employees Bankrupting Public

April 2, 2010 at 7:35 pm (By Randy)

“…Take a look at California, where the teacher’s union spent over $211,000,000 over the last decade on elections. That’s more than twice as much as the next-biggest spender, which was also a union [probably prison guards’ union]….”


  1. PatHMV said,

    The absolute amount spent over a decade doesn’t mean much without some context, like the total amount spent on elections during the same time period. I’m no fan of unions, but to the extent that the funds used come from truly voluntary payments of dues by union members (rather than functionally coerced because it’s difficult to be a teacher without being a union member), then they have just as much right to communicate to the public about elections and their consequences as any of the rest of us do.

    Now substantively, I think teachers unions have done a tremendous harm to our children, and I’m appalled at the extent to which our elected officials kow-tow to them on educational issues. I’m strongly in favor of ending the government school monopoly, and providing public education to all through vouchers, letting parents decide which school and educational methods will be best for their children. And to the extent I can, I help raise funds to communicate THAT message to the electorate.

  2. Randy said,

    Pat, a newspaper report of the 15 biggest spenders is here. A PDF file of the California Fair Political Practices Commission report is available here. (“Big Money Talks…”). BTW, I was wrong about the second place winner: it was the SEIU’s California State Council of Service Employees with $107,000,000. Third place was a one-off event: pharmaceutical companies supporting/opposing dueling ballot measures in the same year.

  3. wj said,

    Or consider that the SEIU (the union for most state employees, albeit not teachers or prison guards) has filed over a dozen lawsuits (in different courts) arguing that public employees should be exempt from furloughs (not to mention layoffs). Hey, who needs elections when you can judge shop?

    No matter that the state budget is a disaster. No matter that most of the population is dealing with a serious recession, layoffs, reduction in hours, pay cuts, etc. The public is supposed to just shut up and pay taxes like good serfs.

    Well, at least dealing with the attitude of most (California) state works allows the public a constant opportunity to cultivate patience and tolerance — that must have some value . . . at least for the soul.

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