Wanna See Me In Pajamas?

March 25, 2010 at 2:52 am (By Amba)



  1. wj said,

    No just in Pajamas, but a picture of you holding the world!

  2. El Pollo Real said,

    Heh. Made me look. I love your symmetry arguments! Let me know if it ever gets molecular. I love that stuff even more!

  3. Maxwell said,

    I was prepared to be annoyed, but in all fairness that was a pretty good post.

  4. amba said,


  5. Jason (the commenter) said,

    Yay! That was a good article, and the comments didn’t go all crazy either.

  6. amba said,

    So far!

    (PJM DOES have comment moderation and enforce its standards.)

  7. amba said,

    And thanks.

  8. realpc said,

    I agree that science is not objective. (Materialism has become its guiding ideology, for one thing.) I don’t have any opinion on whether AGW is real or not, although I do think it’s obvious we have been trashing this planet and that can’t go on forever. So if it isn’t AGW it will be A something else. Scientists and Democrats don’t generally have a lot of empathy for mega-business, so they like the idea of AGW.

    And I agree that there is a religious/ideological agenda behind ID. Too bad it’s so obvious, because ID is scientifically correct.

    I became interested in ID long before it was called that, because it is a central idea of holistic/alternative/non-materialist science. But the current ID movement and alternative science have not joined forces, probably because alternative science and organized religion have too many differences, aside from having materialism as a common enemy.

  9. Ruth Anne said,

    I thought I’d see a picture of you working out at the dojo. I sure as hell hope this is a *paying* gig.

  10. amba said,

    It is that, albeit in Internet terms. It would feed a Second Life avatar.

  11. Peter Hoh said,

    Science, like religion, is a human endeavor.

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