A Healing Song.

March 3, 2010 at 2:11 am (By Amba)

At least, I find it so.

Here are the words.

In response to Donna’s comment, you can listen to the song without visuals:

Half Acre – Hem


  1. Donna B. said,

    That’s a lovely song, if you close your eyes to listen to it. That’s a horrible video. Animated gifs and flashing/blinking images are not conducive to anything but a headache and eyestrain. In this particular case, I think the styles conflict also.

    I dislike the twitter feeds that are now featured on so many sites for the same reason. When trying to read static text next to anything animated, I get nauseous.

    I’ve always preferred good headphones and a dimly lit room for listening to most music. Or, I want to hear and see it performed live. The exception is what I call “driving music” which is usually what’s played on classic rock stations. I would never listen to music like this while driving… too soothing.

  2. Donna B. said,

    Some classical music works well for driving too.

  3. karen said,

    Now that we are so close to moving back home– w/in two weeks and we’ll be there– i really get the 1/2acre message. Our farm is only 11 acres- we rent 120. This farm is 300 acres.

    The moral of our story: sometimes less is more:0).

    I love the music and the name, too.

  4. Opining Online » But At Least It Doesn’t Sound Like It Looks said,

    […] was complaining over at Amba’s place a few days ago how some videos/visuals distract and subtract from the songs they are trying to illustrate rather than add […]

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