State of Emergency

February 13, 2010 at 11:26 am (By Amba)

That’s what the State of North Carolina calls this:

Well, OK, I’m exaggerating.   But not by much.

Meet “my” new tree, the OctoBaum:


  1. Charlie (Colorado) said,

    The way NC deals with snow (ie, panic) is pretty hilarious, isn’t it?

    I like the way things look after an icy rain best though. Don’t get that out here.

  2. amba12 said,

    Yeah, they look great — glass-dipped trees, glass-dipped power lines — especially when the power’s off and you have nothing to do but look out the window.

  3. jason said,

    Too funny! We had over a foot of snow from the storm, but I don’t think anyone called it an emergency. Well, OK, maybe they did after falling trees knocked out power to more than a quarter of a million people and buildings and roofs started collapsing, but until then it was just magical and, to some, inconvenient. Mind you, I think here in Dallas we expect snow more often than does NC, so maybe that was the difference. Still, quite amusing (like the Starbucks in Florida that didn’t open because of the threat of snow…).

    I’m sorry to hear about the power issues, Annie. Stay warm! Any idea when it will be restored (if it hasn’t been already)? Some people here won’t have it turned back on for days. I’m hoping you’re not looking at a similar schedule.

  4. amba12 said,

    No, we’re good. Power is on. My comment was misleading. I was just telling Charlie that (as he well knows) ice storms (which this wasn’t) have a tendency to knock out power here, and that IS an emergency. (Also, slight breezes and looking at power lines crosseyed tends to knock out power. You can’t sneeze here without knocking out power.) But it happens more often with storm winds blowing down trees in summer, when heat isn’t an issue.

    Thanks, Jason. I hope yours is on. (It probably is, since you’re online.)

  5. jason said,

    Oh, sorry! I get confused so easily these days…

    Yes, my power’s back on. It was off for about 10 hours, most of which was overnight while the snow fell, but I made a mad dash to Starbucks that morning to get my fix of heat, coffee and online time. And thankfully I had cats to cuddle with while sleeping, so the lack of electricity didn’t stop us from keeping warm.

  6. amba12 said,

    Three cat night — that’s what it would be for me, anyway. More for you!

  7. Icepick said,

    Our cats have been treasonous – they’ve taken to sleeping in the guest room at nigth because it’s warmer than our room.

  8. amba12 said,

    Yeah, I tend to think my Siamese is being really loving when he crawls under the covers and snuggles up to the backs of my knees, but someone pointed out that he’s slim and has a short, fine coat; he needs the warmth.

  9. Nance said,

    I miss NC’s snow! In my new (twenty years; how old do you have to be to call that “new), downgraded, state of residence, South Carolina, we almost always go with gloom and rain, instead. When we lived in Alaska, we thought the rest of the country was just FOOL for being disabled by snow, but NC doesn’t invest a huge portion of its annual budget to snow removal, either. Many more winters like this and The Ol’ North State will have to look to buried utility cables.

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