Seasons Greetings

December 15, 2009 at 11:52 pm (By Randy)

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas  & Happy Holidays!



  1. amba12 said,

    Oh, beautiful!! Thank you!

  2. Randy said,

    That was the overnight snowfall last week, btw. Average for this area is less than an inch of snow every other year, which almost always melts by noon.

  3. Darcy said,

    Lovely, Randy. Happy holidays to you.

  4. Ruth Anne said,

    That’s really pretty. Happy Holidays right back.

  5. chuck b. said,

    Merry Christmas! Is it still snowing up there?

  6. El Pollo Real said,

    Season’s Greetings Randy!

    Palatial looking estate- is it your’s?

  7. Randy said,

    Chuck: The snow stayed for five days. The power was out for two of them and it was another two before I was able to get up the driveway. Although not really a big deal by snow belt standards, snowfall like that catches both trees and people unprepared.

    Bruce: That is part of my backyard. Although the lot is almost 3/4 acre on what realtors like to call “a gently sloping hill” (1:2 drop), this is the first time anyone suggested it was palatial!

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