Caption Contest

December 13, 2009 at 11:01 am (By Amba)

“Season’s Greetings,” by Barry Blitt.

Kudos to The New Yorker.

Perhaps words can add nothing, only subtract.  Go ahead, take the challenge.


  1. AllenS said,

    I knew that Santy Claus was real!

  2. Ron said,

    This after those Polarstanians have declared Elfhad on us!

  3. amba said,

    *Applause* Yess!! Keep ’em coming!

  4. Ron said,

    Obama thanks Santa for taking Bill Clinton’s request to swap bodies with Tiger Woods over his.

  5. karen said,

    Heya, Santa– how’re those unicorns working out pulling your sleigh this year?

  6. amba said,


  7. CGHill said,

    “You realize, of course, that anything in the bag is taxable.”

  8. Ron said,

    Having successfully won his age discrimination suit, John “Kringle” McCain is embarrassed to be bringing lumps of oil shale to the home of his gracious former opponent. “Tell Joe I have his new ChiaMullet plugs,” Ol’ John said, failing to note his reluctance to give elves green cards to someone who could make political hay out of the news.

  9. amba said,

    Bravo! Bravo!

  10. Ron said,

    Santa, unaware that he had too many samples from his gift bag for Berkeley, was convinced that it was 1973 and his friend Sammy Davis, Jr had been elected President! He had the profound thought that he could end all Christian – Jewish tensions by showing up for hanukkah! So, let’s start in DC for latkes, maybe even better, doughnuts….Imagine his surprise…

  11. david said,

    This photo, taken at the Obama’s party in honor of the Swedish prime minister, provided proof that the Secret Service had failed at its task yet again.

  12. david said,

    (Sorry about the bad grammar . . . also, probably should’ve been Finland, Germany, Norway . . . but you get the idea)

  13. amba said,


  14. Bobby said,

    I hope you brought the itaglio plates I asked for.

  15. amba12 said,

    Just tweeted: “Fallon: Obamas say theyll leave milk/cookies out for Santa Claus. Glenn Beck accuses president of trying 2 bribe a foreign dignitary”

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