Althouse: the Algonquin of Our Time

December 13, 2009 at 11:28 am (By Amba)

Okay, so I’ve outed myself by publishing this prematurely.  I was reading the 200+ comments on this Althouse post about Tiger Woods’s women (even if you don’t care about celebrity, and I certainly don’t, this is such an archetypal plunge-from-grace story; how many public men throw it all away for nookie? but how many have quite this much to lose?) and admiring the display of flashing wits at that virtual Round Table.  I have trouble making it through all the comments (I don’t get updates), so I thought I would pick out some gems for you.  (It takes nothing away that you often have to pick them out of the trash.  It’s enough that there are so many.)  I didn’t get all the way through the comments, though.  So I may add more, little by little.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said:  “A rewarding marriage is hard and somewhat angular. Eventually you grind the worst points off each other.”

William said:  “Repression is like a weight bearing exercise that strengthens the libido.”

bagoh20 said:  “Being good is easy when you have few temptations.”

Arturius said:  the truism that rich men go for looks, beautiful women go for money “explains why guys like Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler who look like science projects gone awry can score supermodels.”

William said:  “People with Tiger’s money and Elin’s looks do not suffer tragic ends. They live high up on Olympus and the ordinary rules do not apply. They play at normalcy for awhile–the way Marie Antoinette played at being a milk maid–but then the upward lift of their world pulls them from our banality. They go back to frolicking among the immortals, and we go back to our dull marriages and higher morality.”

shoutingthomas said:  “What kind of world is it when a guy who has $100 billion can’t get a little pussy?”


  1. Icepick said,

    Has this blog been invaded by Twitter?

  2. amba12 said,

    OOPS! didn’t mean to publish this yet.

  3. trooper york said,

    Amba, isn’t it kind of early in the day to be drinking?

  4. amba said,


  5. Ron said,

    Trooper, Amba’s drinking is purely medicinal!

    “What kind of world is it when a guy who has $100 billion can’t get a little pussy?”

    Not the size of the wallet…but the magic that’s in it!

  6. karen said,

    It’s always the ones i think are the best that are the real cheating asses. It’s almost like fiction mirrors reality– or real life– or some saying.
    Art imitating life?

    It’s real enough for Tiger… what a legacy for his kids.

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