So Much to Be Thankful For!

November 26, 2009 at 5:09 am (By Amba)

That we and everyone else (two-legged and four-legged) escaped the fire unhurt.

That blogfriends gathered around and wove me a magic carpet to camp out on.

That by so doing, they gave my steadfast and uncomplaining family a welcome break from doing the same.

That my parents are not only still alive but enjoying it to the hilt.  (That the state of Florida just renewed their drivers’ licenses at 86 and 92.  That settles it, I know where I’m spending my golden years.  VROOOM.)

That my sibs and their growing and grown kids and new grandkids are all healthy — incredible!  So blessed!

That I still have my health and strength, enough to keep J home, enough to move 35 boxes of books by myself and not have to lean on everyone for everything.

Hospice, just in time.

That hospice and the Red Cross and the landlord and the emergency reconstruction/relocation service they hired have made the dislocation as easy as it could possibly be for us.

That I get to practice slash-and-burn (oh no!) housekeeping — to move into a fresh new apartment instead of cleaning up!

That my rent has actually gone down.

That J slept through all of the moving this morning, including my getting him dressed and up and into his wheelchair so the movers could move the bed.

That friends IRL are being friends this year, and making the holidays holidays instead of hellidays:

  • Chris the physical therapist, who (putting to shame my complaints about her one-time no-show) warned me to mop the dust off the floor of the newly renovated apartment (she wanted to get down on her knees and do it herself, but she was going out of town; I easily did it dojo-style, scooting a folded wet towel back and forth across the floor), and who then came back and cleaned the whole kitchen for us before we moved into it; who found me a wool Oriental rug for the bedroom at the thrift shop for $100 (I was worried that J would pee on it; he already has).  (Thankfully,  not much.)
  • Chris (another Chris), the attentive and courteous dojo student/young father in his 30s, who came over today with his wife, moved all our kitchen stuff and much more while we were at J’s gym (this I slept through), and then welcomed us back with a coffee housewarming.
  • Kris (I know, it’s ridiculous, like half of Russia being named Sasha), the sole residential karate student, in his 20s, who’s unquestioningly moved stuff for us and regaled us with tales of his native Hawaiian/Southern/German/Cherokee clan.  He and Chris (#1 above) are coming over for sage-and-garlic-butter-basted turkey breast tomorrow.
  • Erin, another student in the dojo, young mother (including of a baby girl adopted from Somalia) who’s invited us and Kris for a second Thanksgiving on Saturday.
  • Nathan, the karate instructor, and the reason we moved here in the first place, with whom we’ve had our ups and downs (which just goes to show that the relationship is a close one), but who showed an amazing efficiency at coping with crisis on the day of the fire, and who (while out of town himself) may be quietly behind this flurry of hospitality.

That after the housewarming, we wheeled into our southwest-facing new bedroom — and a rose and violet sunset.

My new tree.  (More when I figure out where I put the photo-transfer cable.)

Charlie Miller!

Ron!  (Yeesh!  So many close calls!)


Someone new on the way who is fiercely anticipated and celebrated (just not public news yet).  A Cat, perhaps.

And neither last nor least (this list could go on and on) — mysterious rumblings of optimism from my beleaguered employer, made palpable and plausible by an unexpected paycheck in full.

I can’t improve on the way Charlie Miller’s father put it:  “Yeah, times are tough for everyone […] and the world may be going to hell in countless ways — but I have never in my life had a Thanksgiving in which I was so filled to the brim with gratitude.”

Me neither!  I mean, me too!


  1. Sissy Willis said,

    It’s almost like being in love . . . Or maybe like being graced by faith?

  2. Ron said,

    And we are all very thankful for you too, Amba! I pass the virtual drumstick to you for the holiday…

  3. amba12 said,

    Thanks to you, my first waking thoughts were:

    1) Oh, not again! (the rug)
    2) Omigod, I’m almost too late to make the turkey breast!!
    and then:
    3) — FRED AND GINGER — !!

    Immediately followed by: “The Continental.” My mood is made! :-D

  4. Ron said,

    Swing Time up….now!

  5. amba12 said,

    Goin’ to Camie’s, eh? What’s for dinner?

  6. Danny said,

    Seeing Charlie on your gratitude list brought tears to my eyes. Happy Thanksgiving to the best honorary auntie/sistah!

  7. Ron said,

    I’ll take pics!

  8. amba12 said,

    Danny: they are all out of order. Charlie is on top.

  9. Peter Hoh said,

    It’s good to count blessings.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  10. amba12 said,

    And to you, too!

  11. reader_iam said,

    Thanksgiving greetings to all, and especially for some very special friends who congregate here.

    Annie, you’re a precious gift–a friend for all seasons [and at all hours, in a pinch : ) ]. XX {( )}. You make my cup runneth over.


    Fiercely anticipated and celebrated indeed, even from afar. ; )

  12. Rod said,

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    This year I find myself thinking about the First Thanksgiving. Half the Pilgrims had died in the previous year, and the survivors had been forced to steal corn from Indian graves in order to survive. One of the Indians, the famous Squanto, had been hijacked by Englishmen and sold into slavery several years earlier. When he made it back to Massachusetts, his village and most nearby villages had been wiped out by the plague. The remnant of his tribe was threatened by the more powerful Narragansett. The Pilgrims had settled where his village once stood.

    The Pilgrims were offering thanks for survival. I find it puts my petty complaints in perspective. There is a lot to be thankful for.

  13. Randy said,

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who gather here from time to time!

  14. amba12 said,

    reader — just {{{{ }}}} (a looong one).

  15. karen said,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Reader– that is so true and beautiful. The best thing about this blog is the warmth:0).

  16. karen said,

    Sooo- the anticipated arrival wouldn’t be a white kitty, would it?

  17. PatHMV said,

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, and especially to you and J, Annie!

  18. amba12 said,

    Thanks, Pat, and to you too!!

  19. Icepick said,

    Someone new on the way who is fiercely anticipated and celebrated (just not public news yet). A Cat, perhaps.

    But no pressure!

  20. Icepick said,

    And happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  21. jason said,

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

    Cat collecting, Annie? Like potato chips, once you start you can’t stop.

    Please ask Erin and Nathan to change their names. It’ll be easier that way.

  22. wj said,

    And let us not forget to give thanks for much-maligned technology — which has allowed us to build a community that can supply at least moral support. Even though many of us are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

  23. Donna B. said,

    Late to the party (as I was to Thanksgiving dinner) but there was plenty left to be thankful for — there and here.

  24. amba said,

    I thought of you (of your & my old age) when my parents got their drivers’ licenses renewed.

  25. Icepick said,

    I’m amused by the speculation that Annie is getting a new pet. There’s a subtle point of language that people are missing! Amba, I just love your use of Language.

  26. amba said,


  27. Rod said,

    wj gave thanks for technology, “which has allowed us to build a community that can supply at least moral support.”

    When I look at the post that started this thread, I see Amba’s expression of thanks for a community that has sustained her and J through a tough year. I guess that is what I missed about the Pilgrims on my first pass. Sure, they endured hardships which are difficult for us to imagine. But. in the end they gave thanks as a community because their sense of community was what made their privations endurable.

    This little blog is more than just an abstract forum for the communication of ideas about social policy or trends or the underlying nature of the cosmos. There are real people behind the words on the screen. And, we eventually reveal ourselves to one another in the asides in our posts. I think this community held electronic hands to give thanks. It may or may not have been a great year and the challenges ahead are still scary, but we have someone to share it with.

  28. jason said,

    LOL! I had to laugh at myself, Icepick. You’re right: I completely missed that the first time around. That’s what happens you start commenting as soon as you get out of bed…

  29. amba said,


    As I read your last comment, this little blog turned into a table with all of us seated around it and each of us taking turns cooking. Magic!

  30. Donna B. said,

    What a great picture. What will each of us cook? Do we each have a specialty?

    My dish will, of course, will be served with a long family story.

  31. karen said,

    Donna- i’ll do the dishes:0).

    As for subtlety… it’s sure to be called ~nuance~ and i completely missed it– each and every time i have read amba’s comment. It goes w/my territory- lol.

  32. amba12 said,

    Karen — did I manage to wish you a happy Thanksgiving? If not, give me a swift kick. I hope it was — was it?? Did you have in-laws over?

  33. karen said,

    I have the very embarrassing honour of never having hosted– much of anything!!! Ask Randy- i wasn’t even aware enough in my ability to have a pot of coffee on for him and his Mom!! I’ve never cooked a turkey– the kitchen is my least favourite room in the house(then it’s the laundry room).

    We did have a very nice day. My folks live a 1/2 mile down the road– so we went there and ate the best Thanksgivig meal(my Mom is an amazing cook) and relaxed for a bit. I hate to be such a drag w/my unease w/our move here– right now we are getting the walls textured w/something called ~knockdown~(better than Knoced-up:0)) and then will paint and it will be fresh, clean and ready to hang my pictures. It’s just that i miss home. I can’t imagine having to actually move away from here- i’d really lose my bearings.

    How are things settling in for you and your family of J and kitties? Ace has a cute video of a little surprised kitten– adorable.

    and… thank you for asking- you always make my day.

  34. karen said,

    oh– the in-law Thanksgiving was on the 22nd, which was my dad’s 77th b-day, so we ate quickly and we went down there for cake. I feel quite awkward in her(M-in-Law’s) presence- there’s an elephant roaming the room– like, how much i hate her house, probably, lol!!

  35. Icepick said,

    As for subtlety… it’s sure to be called ~nuance~ and i completely missed it– each and every time i have read amba’s comment.

    Here’s the subtle bit. Amba wrote, “Someone new on the way who is fiercely anticipated and celebrated (just not public news yet). A Cat, perhaps.” People speculated that the “Cat” reference referred to a feline. However, the upper-case “c” indicates that “Cat” is probably a proper noun.

    Of course, it’s an easy spot for me since I’m privy to inside information, as is Reader_Iam. So far so good is what I’m hearing, BTW.

  36. amba12 said,


  37. karen said,

    Thanks, Ice!! Keep me posted–errrrr… informed of the nuance:0).

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