Rambling Around New England

September 26, 2009 at 12:11 pm (By Randy)

New England2

Beginning Wednesday, I’ll be wandering around New England with my mom for three weeks. We have a tentative itinerary, most of it gleaned from AAA books or The Rough Guide to New England.

Suggestions on what to do, or more importantly, what to avoid if it is on our list, are most welcome. (Please keep in mind that one of us is 75, walks with a cane, and does not do boats.)

I hope to  blog about our experiences at the end of each day, á la Nina Camic, but will probably end up posting about as often when we traveled to England last year. ;-)


  1. Randy said,

    For example, has anyone ever gone to the summit of Mount Washington? Was it worth the trip?

  2. Rod said,

    The summit of Mt. Washington is a world of perpetual snow and cold. I found the trip worthwhile. There is a grand resort nearby at Bretton Woods – where the world powers met years ago to set the world economy straight. Also, if your mother likes to shop for children’s clothes, there is a marvelous shop called Wooden Soldier in a mall in North Conway, N.H. Newport, Rhode Island is a great place to see. Tour one or two of the mansions. Take a ferry from Woods Hole, Mass. to Martha’s Vinyard or Nantuckett. If you go through Connecticut, visit the seaport at Mystic. If in New Haven, the Yale campus is worth a view. If you are in northern New Hampshire or Vermont, you might consider driving a few hours out of the way to Montreal.

  3. amba12 said,

    No boats? There goes the most beautiful thing I ever did in New England — paddle a canoe down the Concord River in October, with fiery leaves falling around. It was like gliding through the heart of a cool fire.

    I hope the leaves are turning already. If they are, it almost doesn’t matter what you do. You’ll get a stiff neck from looking up and short of breath from going “oooh.”

    Find an old-fashioned cider press that’s still operating and have some fresh cider.

  4. Randy said,

    Thanks, Rod! That’s the kind of destination confirmation I was looking for. We’re hoping it will be a clear day when we pass Mt. Washington. With any luck, we’ll have a late lunch at the hotel in Bretton Woods. Newport is definitely on the list but Connecticut is too far out of the way for us this time.

    Amba: Yes, boats are out. It seems every time my mom gets on one, something bad happens. I’m bringing a neck-brace for use after too much straining looking at the color ;-) We’ll toast you with the cider – hadn’t thought of that!

  5. Rod said,

    If I recall right, the room where the Bretton Woods conference was held is just off the lobby, and you can look into it set up as it was then. I love it when you can touch a piece of history that you read about in a classroom long ago.

    When in Northern New England you should be able to find a shop with several different kinds of maple candy. Be sure to try some.

  6. karen said,

    Hi amba- do you remember me(jk)? I have moved and have a computer and it’s DSL(or LS- i get confus-ed). We have watched the Ukraine video so many times, i can’t tell you… i’m also located very convieniently in the New England area:0).

    Will you be in VT???? Say- Greensboro- that’s where your author:friend is from, eh???? I’m a hop-skip& a jump from there and my heart is racing and i have butterflies just thinking you and ~Mom~ are so close.

  7. karen said,

    Oh, i have a new e-mail address, but i haven’t set it up nor know how- i have to wait for Autumn to get home from college to do that.

  8. karen said,

    :0(– 10/4 in Littleton. I go there to shop at Walmart and Home Depot.

    i just missed you. damn.

  9. karen said,

    ~blushing and kicking myself~

    i have been outta the saddle too long, haven’t i?

    Hi, Randy!!! I not only missed you- i missed the entire post, wow. i still would have loved to have gone to Littleton to see you. Where are the recent posts– are we recent, here?

  10. Randy said,

    Hi Karen!!! We drove right by you, I think: Highway 14. We’re in Stowe for the next three nights. Went through St. Johnsbury, Cabot, and Craftsbury and told my mom “I bet Karen lives somewhere around here.” Maybe we can meet for lunch/dinner. Were thinking of wandering over to Montpelier or something one day. Another day definitely spending all day in Shelburne area.

  11. amba12 said,

    Karen — I hope you get together with Randy! (I just missed meeting Rod, hope to have another chance.)

    When you get online more consistently and have e-mail, tell me all about the move and the new place. Are you getting agoraphobia from having so much more space? How far did you move from where you lived and farmed before? How are the kids?

    Miss & love you — reader was just asking for you, too!

  12. karen said,

    I’m so happy, amba. i just talked to Randy and it’s like talking to a long-lost relative, i swear. All these yrs of talking about my blogpod friends and now i’m meeting Randy and his Mom tomorrow and my house is a wreck.

    I am so happy.

    I will definitely get my act together as to my new e-mail- and tell you all about the situation here. We only moved about 3-4 miles from home, but living here is foreign because we were so secluded on a back road that the traffic is distracting and i fear for my animals. We have lost two cats to the road and we have lost one to his wayward ways(probably a coydog or fisher cat?).

    So, i’ve got to be going to bed, now. Milking comes early- we’re in the barn at 4 am. It beats getting in the truck to get here, but it is still early. I love you. Hello to reader(i’m flattered she remembered me).

  13. Randy said,

    Karen & Amba: see update to my post today, now entitled Meeting Karen’s Cows. ;-)
    And Karen, I know what you mean, felt quite comfortable talking in person after all this time! Can’t wait until tomorrow.

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