Lucy and Me

September 22, 2009 at 1:08 am (By Amba) (, )

My niece Rachel, when she was little, dubbed me Ant Ant.

So now Lucy has kicked me upstairs:  I’m Great Ant Ant!

lucymeetlucykisslucylaugh(That solid, reassuring wall of father on the left is Lucy’s dad, Matt.)


  1. lfineaux said,

    Lucy is lovely!

  2. Melinda said,

    Her face looks like a little adult’s.

    I had an Aunt Ann when I was a kid and I used to call her Ann Ann.

  3. Randy said,

    Both of you are too cute for words!

  4. jason said,

    Beautiful baby! And you’re looking fantastic, Annie! Vibrant, I think, is the word I’d choose.

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