September 21, 2009 at 12:41 pm (By Pat)

Wow. Ksenyia Simonova, of the Ukraine, is an incredible artist. Astounding how much emotion can be conveyed in just a few lines of sand. And so transitory; each image lasts, complete, for but a few short moments, before another is constructed on its foundation.

[Update: Oops, my bad. I knew this looked familiar, but I didn’t look far enough back in the Ambiance prior posts. Randy spotted her work first, 3 weeks ago! Sorry about that, Randy! I was swamped that week and didn’t have time to watch it then, then I saw somebody else post about it today at another blog.]


  1. Randy said,

    Yes, it is beautiful. And she is impressive.

  2. amba said,

    Can’t see it too many times as far as I’m concerned. It made me think of Navajo sand paintings and Tibetan sand mandalas — powerful and transient as life itself (dust to dust?). The difference is that those invoke eternity and this invokes history. Those invoke harmony and these invoke suffering.

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