Bake Sale Achieves Goal, And Then Some!

August 28, 2009 at 8:44 pm (By Amba)

OKAY!!  WE CAN  STOP!!  A couple of very generous contributions have put us well over the line!  Bless you, my gang!  Long live Ron’s computer!   :D


A vital member of our community is about to fall silent for a really stupid reason.  We can help.

Ron, of Fluffy Stuffin’ and frequent commenter consolation and laughter, has been hit simultaneously with a dying hard drive and a drought of business.  (FYI, the official unemployment rate in Detroit is 29.7 percent.)  I overheard him telling Ruth Anne on Twitter that he would probably soon drop out of sight.  The prospect of no Ron scared me, so I chased him down and asked him what was up and what it would take to keep him online.  I would not take “never mind” for an answer.

Bottom line, it would take about $300 that he can’t spare now and can’t predict when he’ll be able to.  For that, he can replace his ailing system with a reconditioned machine.

That’s a small amount of money to make such a big difference.  I’m not being paid just now myself (when I reminded Ron that Icepick and I had worked out the salutation for the times — “Glad to hear things could be worse!” —  Ron shot back, “We need a gang sign, too.”  See what I mean?), but I can certainly manage $30.  If ten of us can do that, we can keep that good stuff coming.

So if things could be worse for you just now, go to the hat down the left sidebar at AmbivaBlog (linking to it from here didn’t work) to pitch in.  I’ll put it all together and pass it along.

And if you’re indignant that this isn’t an actual bake sale, just let me know and I’ll make you a batch of Mom’s World War II brownies.

UPDATE: We have $60.  A fifth of the way there.

UPDATE II: Up to $120.


  1. reader_iam said,

    Annie, please check your e-mail.

  2. trooper york said,

    Amba doe you know mum?

    She’s the word.


  3. trooper york said,

    That’s do.

    I can’t spell for beans.

  4. Donna B. said,

    Wow… that was quick. It’s over by the time I read it!

    I feel a bit left out but darn proud to comment along side such wonderful people.

  5. amba12 said,

    I’ll say!!!

  6. realpc said,


    This reminded me that I don’t know if you ever asked us to contribute to whatever you’re paying for this blog. Because if we’re allowed to post here then we should help pay for it, if we can afford it, I think.

  7. amba12 said,

    Thanks — but it’s free!

  8. Darcy said,

    Oh – how wonderful of you, Amba! What great people.

    Hope we hear from Ron soon, thanks to all of you that helped.

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