July 1, 2009 at 4:54 pm (By Miles Lascaux)

I’m delighted to see our president being standoffish to the pseudo-coup in Honduras. Not because I dislike the new president or like the old one. But because it shows America has finally left the Cold War mentality, when there always had to be someone we identified as “our bastard” who, however odious, would keep the place clean of Soviet spies and weapons. Those were real fears then. They’re not now.

Just as I was delighted when George W. Bush chose to overthrow a tyrant we had helped prop up, and let the dice of democracy roll in a place we could as easily have kept safe at a distance, with some ugly deals.

Probably I’m the only person alive who sees Bush II and Obama as a continuity. Not in all things important, but in the evolution of a Cold War America.

As for Honduras and its neighbors, probably it’s inevitable that they take a delayed plunge into all that silly neo-Marxist populist crap, just as it was inevitable for ethnic tensions to run red in Eastern Europe and Iraq when the lid was lifted on those pots at the end of the Cold War.

They’ll do what they’ve been yearning to do since 1945, and now we can let them romp down those foolish paths, like preachers’ kids suddenly out of the parental gaze.

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  1. Margo Arrowsmith said,

    Well, I have to say that I would never have thought of that particular continuum, but you did make a point. Not sure I agree, but interesting point.

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