“There’s An Awful Picture of You Guys . . .”

June 13, 2009 at 1:20 am (By Amba) (, , , , )

“. . . on my website,” was what I heard Nathan say.  But no:  he’d said “awesome.”


Awful or awesome?  A little of both, no?  I look like I’m about to pop Toto into my basket.  J looks great, though, as always.


Ligo Dojo is growing.  It is a nonprofit that serves at-risk kids from the Durham juvenile justice system, seamlessly mixed in with a diverse batch of regular students.



To look at these two, you’d almost think they had a life!


  1. Donna B. said,

    All awesome!

  2. wj said,

    Besides, on the original meaning of “awful” (full of awe), the comment would still be correct. It’s just the new-fangled overtones which confused the issue. ;-)

  3. Richard Lawrence Cohen said,


  4. Maxwell said,

    What does J’s t-shirt say?

  5. amba12 said,

    It’s a photographic-negative-type drawing or block print of Mas Oyama’s face, and it says (I think I have this right, it’s in the laundry) “KYOKUSHINKAI KARATE – MAS OYAMA.”

  6. Maxwell said,

    I like it!

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