Facelifts Are for White People.

April 30, 2009 at 7:14 pm (By Amba) (, , )

Really, do people of any other skin tone and ethnicity ever even get them?  Remodeling of facial features — plumper or thinner lips, rounder Asian eyes, deboned Jewish noses, less flared African American noses, like Denzel Washington’s — is another story.  But facelifts?  All white people.  Is it an accurate observation that a lot of Caucasians, particularly the fairest, have fragile skin that dries, wrinkles, and sags easily, and that therefore we age much more noticeably and unattractively than other ethnic groups?  If so, then the thorough mixing of races that some fear and loathe about the future will be a net aesthetic gain (and monetary saving) for the entire species.

That’s one thing that gets my attention about the cosmetic-surgery craze.  The other thing is that it is a trade-off between youthfulness and individuality.  You can continue to look youngish indefinitely provided you’re willing to give up looking like you.  Among the movie and commercial stars who no longer look like themselves, or like anyone in particular, for that matter:  Sally Field (in Boniva commercials), Lindsay Wagner (in Sleep Number bed commercials), Sharon Stone, and to an extreme, Faye Dunaway (all white people!).  Can you think of some more?  Even someone as relatively young as Nicole Kidman has begun to make the tradeoff.

Just idle thoughts.

~ amba


  1. Donna B. said,

    I met an 80 year old Korean woman at my doctor’s office and was simply astounded when she told me her age. Not a wrinkle in sight and lovely smooth skin. I can only imagine how beautiful she must have been in her 20s.

  2. Sissy Willis said,

    Nancy Pelosi’s permanent look of surprise comes to mind:

    The definitive case against excessive cosmetic surgery

  3. chickenlittle said,

    Can you think of some more?

    I had to cheat using Google because I wanted to be a little different:

  4. amba12 said,

    Bravo!! And: all white guys! Including Michael Jackson! Proves my point. (Why would he want to be a white guy? But once he was — then he needed more plastic surgery! Ha ha!)

  5. Melinda said,

    Hmm…Look like my Aunt Esther, or look like Mickey Rourke.

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