A Blog is Like a Third Leg.

April 22, 2009 at 5:48 pm (By Amba)

Now that I’ve amputated mine from my life, the wound has closed up as completely as if I never had one.  Where on earth did I ever find the time?  And the drive?

I know this place feels a little orphaned and half-empty and half-built, as yet.  Now that this month’s grueling work is almost over, I will try to hang around more, and supply some living plants.  (Well, after I do three years of taxes.  That’s apparently one of the things I was blogging instead of doing.  I wonder how many more will turn up, like bloated corpses that died of neglect?)  I like the company here so much.  I love hearing your voices on the front page.  I know that it isn’t finished or furnished yet.  It doesn’t quite have a life that’s “taken,” yet.  The good stuff is here but it doesn’t coalesce into something greater than the sum of the parts, yet.  Please don’t give up!

(On the other hand, I could really use a third hand.)


  1. Ron said,

    Third Leg? umm…ahh…Doesn’t some guy from Nantucket have limericks about that?

    Well — he said, arching an eyebrow, Spock-like — I guess they don’t call me tripod for nothing!

    Drive? Amba, I sometimes get exhausted just reading here, don’t you go worrying about drive!

    Read “Confederates in the Attic” for good discussion about bloating corpses…

    Glad you’re muddling through!

  2. Ennui said,


    I was a longtime Ambivablog reader/non-poster (“lurker” sounds a little creepy). I didn’t really delve into the comments enough to get a sense of the individual commenters. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the posts here. The only weird part is the one you mentioned – the lack of attribution in wordpress (a few posters name themselves, some others do not). If I knew the posters better I could probably make a game of picking them out (like sorting out the authors of the Federalist Papers or something). Not knowing enough to play this game, unattributed posts carry, for me, a common preface to the effect: “The following has been issued by the Committee for public dissimation.”

    I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a feature.

    In any case, I like the place and it seems very much alive, which is the important part.

    By the way, thanks for your writing.

  3. amba12 said,

    Well, hello! I’m glad the woodwork brought you out of the woodwork (at least for a moment), so to speak. I hope we can keep you coming. I think it’s going to be unpredictable here, and occasionally stunning. For those who like to be surprised. Which I like as much as anything on earth.

    Wonderful analogy on the anonymity. Look, you’ve made a contribution. The history buffs here will be especially entertained.

    (What’s really strange to me: the comments are attributed but the posts are not. How hard can it be? And the posts are attributed “backstage,” Very weird.)

  4. Icepick said,

    Amba, I rather like the low-key look of the place. I don’t think much needs to be done on that front.

  5. mileslascaux said,

    Yes, the look is irrelevant. It’s the ideas and words that count.

  6. amba12 said,

    Ice: Donna did it. I like it too.

    miles: the look isn’t irrelevant, in that a really ugly or garish look would put you off. If you don’t notice it much, that means it’s good. “When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten” (a Taoist saying I love).

    I have only one complaint: the type is too small … but then why don’t I just enlarge it! I just did.

  7. amba12 said,

    Ron — that limerick — give it up!

  8. PatHMV said,

    I used up all my sexual innuendo on the subject of third legs and hands in the post to which our hostess linked…

  9. RW Rogers said,

    3D is a bit hectic for me right now but I hope to hang around more beginning next week.

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